To develop, invest in, and operate the largest profitable portfolio of the most coveted residential rental communities in North America.

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We will improve millions of lives by fundamentally redefining the residential rental experience.


People First

We empower people by listening to their ideas and by actively creating opportunities for their growth. We value our team members by embracing their diversity and recognizing their achievements. By treating people on our team like family, we create an environment of loyalty, trust and respect.



Relentless Innovation

We foster intellectual curiosity and constantly seek out unique viewpoints to help expand our perspectives. Fear of failure doesn’t prevent us from taking measured risks. Our innovative spirit compels us to be open-minded, to embrace novel technologies and to boldly explore new ideas.



Faithful Stewardship

We strive to honor our commitments to our residents, our investors, our partners and our team with transparency, authenticity and humility. We are unwavering in our pursuit of the truth and our focus on managing risk. With every new decision, we strive to live up to our generations-long legacy of stewardship.



Steadfast Execution

We have uncompromisingly high standards and we hold ourselves personally accountable to execute against them. We are nimble and act decisively to get things done, while we focus on driving efficiency, reducing bureaucracy and removing silos. Execution is our link between aspiration and results.



Continuous Learning

We encourage self-driven and apprentice-based learning, while always challenging ourselves to be better. Our team understands that it is ok to make mistakes, but only if we commit to learning from them. We continuously improve by applying what we learn to build and enhance processes critical to our success.