building a legacy of sustainable developments

In early 2017, we implemented the Wolff  Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Program. With the assistance of an independent consultant, we performed an audit of our ESG activities across three core business areas:


The Wolff Company is not only an owner and operator of multifamily housing assets, we are an active developer of these properties as well. Throughout the development cycle, we integrate practices and features designed to limit environmental impact, reduce automobile dependence and create a sustainable portfolio. Our efforts are exemplified through our seven LEED®-certified communities, one of which earned the prestigious LEED Platinum certification.

Wolff specializes in garden-style and mid-rise developments in both suburban and high-density markets. Across 12 of our urban mid-rise properties, we have performed extensive environmental remediation and implemented green spaces and green roofs where the local climate allows. While we do not currently operate properties with renewable energy production, we design our developments to accommodate solar panels and other renewable energy sources when they become economically viable.

Design & Construction

The Wolff Company strives to maximize sustainability throughout all aspects of our business. We see an immense opportunity to do this within the design and construction of our communities, which is why we partner with innovative, technology-driven design and construction firms. Through integrating sustainable design principles and environmentally friendly construction processes, we are able to increase efficiencies, limit waste and reduce risk, ensuring that our portfolio will be more sustainable and resilient for years to come.


The Wolff Company has long identified the operations of our properties as an area where we can implement cost-effective programs to reduce our environmental impact. To accomplish this, we are committed to working with our service providers, residents and local communities to implement sustainable programs across our portfolio. We are currently implementing several ESG initiatives to reduce energy use, limit waste and increase sustainability within our property operations.

Our People

In order to deliver on the promises of The Wolff Company’s ESG Program, we place a great deal of importance on giving back to our team members,  our residents and the communities in which we serve. We empower and encourage our team members to have a voice, to make key decisions, and to share experiences so that they can learn and grow. That’s why we are proud to share the ways that we invest in our greatest resource: our people.

As our company grows, so do our commitments to our community. We will continue to look for opportunities to engage our employees in activities that speak to the deeper reason why we build – to better our communities and improve lives. In 2019, we look forward to expanding our charitable giving programs in strategic and impactful ways.

Wolff’s 2018 ESG Report is meant to reaffirm our commitment to a sustainable and resilient portfolio by formalizing our current activities and establishing a series of short- and long-term goals that will enable us to become a more environmentally-responsible firm.